Cocotek Mat 4ft x 4ft x 1"

CocoTek Grow Mats are designed to lie underneath Baskets or Planters and can be easily cut to fit any size. Not only will roots grow under the Mats where moisture remains between flood cycles, but the Mats will also protect these roots from drying out. Gardeners have been discovering inventive alternative uses for the CocoTek Grow Mats.


H-G-Loose-Fill-Cocos-50-Liters H&G Loose Fill Cocos 50 Liters

H&G Loose Fill Cocos 50 Liters

Coco is the world’s most sustainable growing medium.

House & Garden Coco Substrate meets the strictest demands made on coco fibre by the RHP foundation, giving consistent high quality that the end users require. All House & Garden Coco undergoes a rigorous process of buffering and cleaning to ensure all impurities are washed out of the coco which gives the plant every chance of success.


RHP certified to ensure the highest physical and chemical specifications have been met.
Developed by growers for growers
Low EC value
Neutral PH Value
Environmentally Friendly
Sourced in Sri Lanka
42 Per Skid

Recommended to use with House & Garden Nutrients

Mo-Koko 50L Bag

Coco growing mix is pre-washed and buffered to prevent calcium and magnesium lockout while stabilizing pH levels. RHP certified and buffered. 50L ready to use bag.