Ona liquid concentrate

Eliminates unwanted odours. Add to misting systems or humidifiers for odour control. Place in small containers or wick jars and set in contaminated areas. Also used to reconstitute ONA Gel.

1L, 4L, & 20L

Ozium deodorizing spray 189 grams

Aerosol spray that destroys odours, helps reduces airborne bacteria, smoke, etc. Non toxic. Use with Automated distributer; 30-day refill.

Ona Gel

Polymer gel saturated with ONA liquid concentrate eliminates most organic and inorganic odours. Active ingredients: 44 essential oils and plant-derived compounds mainly from Asia and Australia. Non toxic, environmentally safe. Simply open lid and place in desired location. Regulate by exposing more or less surface to air. Good for 3-5 weeks. Reconstitute by adding ONA liquid concentrate.

4L & 20L