Duct Mufflers


The DuctMuffler™ In-Line Noise Muffler™ reduces noise from fans and carbon filter systems.

• Easy To Install
• Maintenance Free
• Building Code Compliant
• Acoustic Liner UL®Listed, Class 1 Air Duct
• Does Not Restrict Airflow Through Duct
• Meets NFPA Standards 90A And 90B

What’s a Suncourt DuctMuffler?

The Suncourt DuctMuffler also sometimes known as a Duct Silencer is a passive device that is installed in ductwork to help attenuate (that means reduce) the level of noise that is transmitted through the duct.

What would I use a DuctMuffler for?

You would use a Suncourt DuctMuffler for loud, annoying sounds traveling through your ductwork from such sources as noisy air handlers, fans, a loud furnace or air conditioner, voices or music from other rooms. There are many applications but here are just a few:

Home Theater Noise Reduction-Quiet the sound of the furnace or other noises in the home to make the acoustics you spent so much money on sound just right. A DuctMuffler will also keep noise from a Home Theater Room from spreading to the rest of the house.
Conference Room Noise Reduction-Help from spreading to every office cubicle near a register the things you would prefer to keep quiet in your conference room.
Lecture Hall Noise Reduction-Attendees can concentrate on the speaker instead of the noises the ventilation system is making.
Music Studio Noise Reduction-Duct Silencers are a tremendous help when recording, especially if multiple studios have different things going on all at the same time.
Household Noise Reduction-You can sleep better when you don’t have to listen to fans, furnaces, air conditioners, or noise from other parts of the house.

How does a Suncourt DuctMuffler work?

The Suncourt DuctMuffler is a completely passive device that will not impede airflow when it is attached to the ductwork. It is made of metal and is lined with an acoustic insulation that reduces sound. The insulation is covered with a wire mesh to keep the insulation in place.

4", 6", 8", 10", 12"