Foliar Spray

Advanced Nutrients Colossal Budblast

Most hydroponics growers feed plants through their roots, but there's a little-known way to push plants for bigger, faster harvests. Colossal Bud Blast is a foliar (leaf) spray that immediately transfers nutrients and other beneficial materials into hydroponics plants. Foliar feeding is more efficient and produces big indoor gardening yields faster than just root feeding. Advanced Nutrients pioneered foliar sprays by doing years of foliar research in dozens of hydroponics gardens just like yours.

That's why all-natural Colossal Bud Blast safely and quickly leaf-feeds blooming plants.

Only Bud Blast safely delivers organic stimulants, nutrients and taste enhancers directly into flowering hydroponics plants via an all-natural spray formula. It rapidly penetrates to create larger harvests, sweeter aroma and better taste without leaving residue on buds like other products do. You can even use it under high intensity lighting.

When you use Colossal Bud Blast, you're using the only safe, organic foliar method that makes spectacular growth and harvests.

If you're not sure about this, just try Colossal Bud Blast. You'll find it boosts buds to higher levels of quality and size, or your money back.

· Very easy to apply

· Creates larger harvests

· Organic Taste Enhancers

Sizes Available


XPlode 0-0-5 4 Liter Green Gold

Green Gold Xplode 0-0-5 is a 100% natural fertilizer derived from a mixture of seaweed and other plant extracts to help boost vegetative growth and increase the number of flower sites. It gently releases nutrients into the soil, naturally correcting any nutrient deficiencies. Plants under stress are unable to produce sufficient cytokinins, the natural plant growth hormones which are necessary for plant growth, nutrient mobilization and distribution, germination, cell division, root development, flowering and seed formation. These naturally occurring hormones have a very pronounced effect on the growth of plant cells and regulate delicate physiological plant processes.

For Best Results

Green Gold Xplode will help control and regulate: germination ,root development ,nutrition uptake, plant tissue composition, tillering, flowering , seed and fruit set. Xplode 0-0-5 has been proven to effectively relieve stress and produce a more vigorous and healthy plant which increases yields.

Mix Rates

Green Gold B-1 Aftershock mix rate:

Hydroponics: 1 - 2 mL / 1 litre
Soil: 4 -6 mL / 1 litre
Seedlings: 2 mL / 1 litre
Foliar Spray: 8 - 10 mL / 1 litre

Sizes Available

250ml, 500ml


The very first OMRI certified foliar spray proven to enchance the performance of B'Cuzz Stimulators in all stages of plant development. The new B'cuzz Foliar conatins all certified organic activators in one bottle and are instantly available when used as a foliar spray.

Contains three classes of organic biostimulants; kelp extract, amino acids and micronutrients
The stimulators and liquid nutrients of Atami are packed and sealed lighttight under the twistable cap, so the quality remains guaranteed.


Foliar Boost

Directions for use:
To make a Foliar nutrient solution, combine 5 ml of B’cuzz Foliar and 30 ml of B’cuzz Foliar Boost to 1 litre of water. Thoroughly soak with Foliar spray plant every 5-10 days.