Pro Electronic Kit 1000W HPS

Kit Includes:
1 x Quantum Electronic Ballast 1000W
1 x Socket Cord Assembly
1 x Mega Wing 36''
1 x Emperor 1000W HPS

Please take note the BT-56 (bulb) enclosed in picture is not included

Pro Steel Light Kit 1000W HPS

Kit Includes:

1 x Steel Convertible 1000w MH/HPS 120V/240V wired ballast
1 x Philips Agro LIte XT 1000w HPS
1 x Cool Tube 8'' with adjustable wings

Value Light Kit 1000W HPS 120V

Kit includes:
58006 X 1 (HPS 1000W wired ballast
59018 X 1 (HPS 1000W Philips Bulb)
57036 X 1 (Reflector 24" white GG)