Lighting Accessories

Adjustable Yoyo Green Gold

The Green Gold Light hangers is a reflector suspension system that allows you to adjust the height of a hood in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the hood in place once it is set at the desired height. The support strings pull out and retract like a yo-yo. Finally a simple way to raise a hood as plants grow!

Capacitor HPS 1000W

Aerovox for HID Lighting Applications utilize an; oil filled metal case. These capacitor designs, materials, and construction are all documented per ISO 9001 and closely controlled.

Designed for continuous duty in lighting fixtures (H.I.D. Types)
Mfd tolerances are typically +/- 3% of nominal (specified at 25 degrees C)
Exceed industry safety guidelines
Made In the USA

SolisTek Digital Splitter


-High Quality Upgraded Tinned wiring
-The option to integrate full spectrum
-Split a 1000W power source

*Only to be used with SolisTek Digital Ballast and SolisTek Lamps

The option to split your 1000W DIGITAL power source is now available with the exclusive
SolisTek Digital Splitter.

  1.  Split your 1000W output into 2 x 600W  (running slightly less than full capacity, which won't harm your SolisTek Digital lamp)
  2.  Integrate a solution for your indoor garden (MH & HPS combination) without having to make another expensive investment.

Digital Splitter Compatibility Chart:

       OUTPUT 1        OUTPUT 2
       600W HPS        600W MH
       600W HPS        600W HPS
       600W MH        600W MH

*The SolisTek Digital Splitter is equipped with Universal Style output plugs to accommodate most reflectors on the market.
*The SolisTek Digital Splitter is designed to be used with SolisTek Digital Ballasts and SolisTek Digital Lamps.