Rock Wool

Gro-Blocks Delta 3" and 4"

Whether starting your seeds and cuttings in A-OK Starters, Macroplugs, or Mini-Blocks it is a good idea to transplant into a 3” or 4” block. You know it’s time to transplant to the Gro-Block when roots coming out of the starter are about 1” long. Just place your Mini-Block on top of the 3” or 4” block without the hole, or your Macroplug/A-OK into the 3” or 4” block with the hole and watch your plant flourish.


Hugo is large enough to grow out most vegetables and some fruits for the entire life span of the plant. Hugo’s holes are the perfect size for any 1.5” A-OK starter plug or Macroplug. When your starter has outgrown its home, showing three leaves, or roots reaching one 1” below the cube, Hugo is happy to receive the transplant. Hugo is sold individually with instructions on the wrapping. Hand water or use with drippers or in Ebb & Flow (Flood) systems.

Atami B-Cuzz Roxx

B'Cuzz Roxx Plugs share optimum strength and flexibility. Firm enough to protect the roots during transplanting but not too firm to inhibit proper germination and initial root growth.

Stonewool substrate is made primarily from basalt. Basalt is a type of stone that originates in the earth’s interior and is brought to the surface as lava. Liquid basalt is spun in a centrifuge until the desired fibre structure is achieved. The advantages of B’cuzz stonewool are:

it is researched in scientific Atami laboratories
it produces higher yields
it is inert and pathogen-free
it is light, easy to transport
it is more efficient with water and energy use
it is also recyclable

Atami proudly introduces their new range of B’Cuzz stonewool propagation and growing products produced exclusively for Atami in Holland. The introduction of the B’Cuzz line is changing the current stonewool market. B’Cuzz stonewool technically superior products will, prove to grow strong crops and be incredibly cost effective.

3"X3"X2.5", 4"X4"X4", 4"X4"X2.5", 6"X6"X6"

Atami B-Cuzz Roxx 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 50 strips of 45

Hydroponic Media

Atami B-Cuzz Square Plug 98 cube

One of Atami's newest products, there is no doubt that B'Cuzz Roxx Stonewool stands among the best of the stonewool brands on the market today. Commercial agricultural would demand no less. B'cuzz Roxx is a mixed fiber, combining both horizontal and vertical fiber. This fiber arrangement promotes superior root grow. The product is very lightweight and uniform, and provides outstanding drainage. B'cuzz Roxx produces higher yields, is inert and pathogen-free, is easy to transport, and is more efficient with water and energy use. Perfect fit for 10'' x 20'' Tray

Sheet of 1.5"x1.5"x1.5" square plugs,
98 plugs per sheet
30 sheets per case (2940 plugs)